Simplest way to route master to two sets of outputs?

Hi folks,

I’m looking for the simplest way to route my master to more than one set of stereo outputs.

The typical set-up would be:

Master goes to soundcard output:
1 & 2

What i want to achieve is:

Master goes to soundcard output:
1 & 2
3 & 4

Obviously i can do this by routing all my tracks to another group, but this is a lot of work.

I see that in the control room you can route to multiple outputs (speakers) but not to both at the same time.

I’m looking for the simplest solution that could be applied to a project which already has a lot of tracks and you want to do the minimal amount of re-routing.

Thanks in advance!

(by the way, i appreciate this isn’t a typical requirement but i need it for recording my DAW output in OBS via my RME’s loopback function)


This is the only way. The Output Channels are represents of the Audio Connections > Output busses. So you cannot use the Sends or the Direct Routings there.

It’s not lots of work. Use Project Logical Editor:

Filter Target
( Name/Chanel | Equal | Stereo Out | Any)

Action Target
Track Operation | Connect Output | MyNewGroup


This will change the routing of your outputs from the “Output bus” to the Group.

Have you explored doing this routing in TotalMix instead? There you can route the Software Playback output from Cubase to any number of physical outputs.


Have a look at this video.
It shows to use a Cue Send of the Control Room to send that to OBS.

It actually is not a lot of work but very fast and easy to do. Either you can use @Martin.Jirsak 's suggestion or

  1. create new Group Track (maybe call it Master Special)
  2. open the MixConsole, select Stereo Out
  3. right click on this Stereo Out and select the following
  4. then select all the shown channels and change their output routing to the newly created group track using Quick Link

If you use the key command (Ctrl + F9 by default) it takes about 15 seconds.

Thanks guys, will look into the suggestions.

Steinberg need to add the possibility to route the master to as many outputs as you like without resorting to the logical editor! (IMHO)