Simplified Error Correction

I guess the error correction has been simplified, but it seems too simple to me now.

I detect all errors (thanks for the presets). It goes to the first error. I play the first error to decide if I want to correct it. I decide No. I want to go to the next error. But the only choice is “Detect Next Error”. So I click that and it does another detection and goes to error #2. But it’s already detected all errors. I just want to go to error #2 to play it, not detect it again. Can you put back the “next error mark” button that just goes to the next error?

Also the pre and post rolls are too long for me now, but I can’t change them anymore. Also can’t change the detection parameters like before (although I don’t care all that much about that because I still have my old presets, and the parameters were probably overkill. But if anyone seriously tweaked those parameters before they’d be out of luck now if they don’t have their old presets.

But thanks for the inpainting option. I don’t know if I’ll ever use it because I’m usually just doing 3ms interpolations, but I just tried it replacing 60ms in a sustain and it worked nicely.

The function “next error” still exists. See picture:

Thanks PG, that’s great. Sorry I completely missed that.