Simplifying score when multiple voices merge to unison

Slice 1.pdf (31.4 KB)

I am re-engraving a band score as the original has been copied and written on and copied - and is not easy legible. The score shows both parts on the same staff - and no splitting into divisi staves. I started by creating two parts Alto sax1 and Alto sax2 as solo instruments on separate staves and then created an alto sax section player, and put Alto sax1 into its voice 1 and Alto sax2 into its voice 2. Where the voices become unison my alto sax (ie combined) score only needs to show notes with one stem, not two.
My starting point and journey to where I am may not be ideal. Any suggestions on how to clean up the score so unison lines have only one stem? I do not seem to be able to simply delete on of the (common) voices).
The slice (ties to) show part of a score where I have 2 voices (alto sax 1, alto sax 2) which then become unison, and later break in to 2 voices.

I would think that setting your score up to use Condensing would simplify the project and make it more flexible.

Don’t set up your condensing staff manually. Just activate condensing and let Dorico do its job.

You will see that the result may be a bit messy where your input has errors - like at those places where c and c# do collide and should probably be corrected to be either c or c# :wink: