Simply insert Chord Diagram


Sorry for disturbing for little things, but I can not insert the Chord Diagram.
Can manage it in Engrave mode>Chord diagrams.
But how to add them in the notation?
I do the step in the picture:

But than nothing happen.

Is not these the only way: ALT + Q (Mac)?
Is there other way?

Thank You for Your time.

Hello @Borutt - chord diagrams are shown alongside chord symbols. You can show them for each player in Setup mode.

Oh, that was.
The Diagram can not be displayed, if the chord symbol is not written?
Have I understood?

Thank For Your fast response.

Yes that’s right, otherwise Dorico doesn’t know what chord to show in the diagram. Once you’ve input at least one chord symbol and shown chord diagrams, you can then use the menu options in your first picture to change the shape of the diagram.

Thank You!

Plase another Question, arround these.

Can I invent (crate) my own chords name, that NOT begin by (A,B,C,D,E,F,G).
For example that begin by: P, Pos… (P for position) which is not a chord, but only an left hand position.


If you have Dorico Pro, you can create custom chord diagram shapes and give them whatever name you like. Just note that once you’ve saved a shape as default by clicking the star button and closed the dialog, its name becomes fixed (until/unless you unsave it as default, close the dialog, and re-open it).

If you mean you want to just show the letter P in the music without showing a chord diagram, you might actually prefer to use either a custom playing technique or generic text. If you can show a picture of what you want, perhaps someone will have a clearer suggestion for you.

I try to name and display custom chord (position) above the diagram by letter p.!

In Engrave>Chord Diagram, I made Diagram that is not a chord but Position (P):


But how to display it like normal chord diagram by P above it? Like is C above the chord in picture below?:

How do you want this to look in the music? The chord diagram with a P above it?

Dorico automatically matches up chord diagram shapes to chord symbols with matching fingering (i.e. strings that need to be stopped at those positions). Since there is no chord named “P”, Dorico won’t show that.

Yes, Diagram by P above.
Ok, is not possible.

Thank for Your time.

This sounds as if you desire to use the chord diagrams as an alternative to Figured Bass (an interesting concept) or to single-note fingering, where the chord diagram changes based on the note given.

Do I understand you correctly?

Hi Derrek

You open to me these interesting concept: Diagram for Figured bas :slight_smile:
To think about that for sure.
What I try is similar in some way.
I’m making a handbook for my young guitar students. Making it in some kind new concept.

The diagrams wants to show the positions of the left hand while playing these 1, 2, or, 3, or 4 notes. Because the notes are very near to each other, and the left hand don’t move away, while the fingers go from one to another points (notes).
(hope I’m clear?)

But there in Dorico is the problem, because:

  1. the diagram is show only by chord name
  2. is not possible to change the displayed chord names above the staff. (so the young students will be confused).
  3. and than, is not possible to write the real chord harmonysation together by these left hand positions
  4. Is not possible to put the diagram under the staff or anywhere else.

But I will do the position diagram by inserting a picture. Of course a longer and uncofortable work. But no much number of diagram is need. Will be a problem when changing Lay out… by hand, again put the diagarams in their place.

Thank You for Your interest.