Simulaneous recording of different instruments

Hi Everyone,

The sum total of my Cubase know-how is what I’ve been able to learn over the last couple of days so please allow me a little latitude if this all seems a bit dumb! I can now record seperate tracks and seem to be able to deal with the latency hassle that crops up. I’m using Cubase 5LE that came with my Tascam US1800 in a Windows 7 based laptop.

Anyway, to all you experts out there, I’m sorry if this seems like a piffling question but how do you set things up so that I can have (say) 4 mics recording four seperate instruments at the same time? At the moment I can get a single mic working in channel 1 but nothing else responds when I put seperate mics into the seperate channels on the Tascam.

To save anyone typing away for hours on end with this, if this info is available elsewhere please just add a link in your reply and I’ll go on from there.


Devices-Device Setup- VST Audio System, select the ASIO driver for the Tascam. Devices-VST Connections-Inputs, add the desired # of mono input buses and assign to desired ports. In the project, add the desired # of mono audio tracks and select appropriate inputs.

Thank you - appreciate that!