Simulated Amp Guitars fadeout

hi there,
anyone know what the work around is to be able to fade out my amp simulated guitar tracks without having to bounce each track and cut it for the fade nor use an automated volume (not really practical with a lot of guitar lines punched in.

Why can’t the fade just work on the track like all other recorded material?
What do i need to do to make that possible?
I’m using Cubase 10, DI guitar tracks with amp simulator.
Please help asap! Thanks!


Route them all to a Group Channel and write automation of the Group. Or use VCA fader to control them all at once.

that would work fine for that purpose. I need to control fade-outs and fade-ins within the track at different punch in parts of the song. and I have 5 guitar tracks all doing different stuff.
Why can’t we just fade out on each wave like normal? baffles my mind. Does anyone out there know how to fix this?


The common Fade In/Out of the Audio Event doesn’t work most probably because you have heavy compressor applied as an Insert effect(s). These Audio Event-based fades are pre-Inserts, therefore it doesn’t work, as you would expect.