Simultaneous MIDI +Analog Audio Output on playback Midi file

Dear Friends :

This is a request from a home-grown self taught musician from India, who is into electronic music and Hymns / Songs for Church Programmes.

  1. I have recorded Midi Song Files including Accompaniment / Melody / Rhythm, using a variety of Yamaha Keyboards as follows :
    1.1. using the built-in record function (PSR 630 – on floppy disk)
    1.2. using the built-in record function (PSR 900 – on USB)
    1.3. on a Laptop using the MIDI input / output via a UM1 Edirol MIDI interface cable, using Cakewalk Music Software, from a PSR 48, PSR 500 and other Yamaha Keyboards.

  2. All the songs have been edited on Cakewalk Music Software.

  3. All the songs, recorded as above, when played back through the computer using either Cubase or Cakewalk, produce the following output :
    3.1. If the Midi Output is set to “Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth” then the entire range of the recorded tracks is reproduced through the laptop speakers
    3.2. If the Midi Output is set to “UM1”, then the tracks play true only if the UM1 cable is connected to the original keyboard on which it was recorded. i.e., a song recorded on the PSR 48 produces some discordance if the UM1 is connected to any other keyboard. The commonest problem is that the MIDI output triggers a sync-start of whatever Rhythm is currently set on the playback keyboard to. There are other problems too.

  4. My query
    4.1. Can I obtain the AUDIO signal through the Laptop speaker output AND the MIDI signal through the UM1 cable output SIMULTANEOUSLY.? Right now this does not seem to be possible. It is either this or that.

  5. Rationale for the requirement
    5.1. I would like to do stage performances using the recorded sound as Karaoke Backing Sound Tracks, being played on either the original Cakewalk or your SION software, through the “Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth” output port.
    5.2. If I can then simultaneously send the MIDI signal to a DIGITECH VHM-5 Vocal Harmonizer, through the UM1 cable MIDI-OUT port, set the Harmoniser to produce harmonies based on the chords played, I will be in 4-part harmony bliss.
    5.3. If there is alternate software that can produce these dual outputs simultaneously, please let me have the details, to enable me to get relevant information as fast as possible, and familiarise myself with the same.

Please respond directly, or forward this to whoever you think may be able to help. I will be happy to consider buying software/hardware from your range if I am sure it will do what I want it to do, as above.

Thanking you in advance

Sammy Solomon

Dr Samuel Solomon
Consultant Surgeon and Head, Training,
Schieffelin Leprosy Hospital, Karigiri
India 632106.

Copy the midi track!

Or use a midi send (cubase) set to the corresponding output!

dear split :

Thanks for the quick response.

I am a novice at this but would like to share the following observations :

  1. perhaps i have an outdated version of cubase as playback; but the version i was using permitted output to EITHER the Wavetable or the MIDI interface, not both simultaneously.
  2. how do I map separate MIDI tracks to different channels with one set of tracks to the MIDI I/O and the other set of tracks to the Wavetable?
  3. I was advised by another helpful person to obtain an Audio interface; they suggested the NI Ka6 is a piece of hardware that comes with a great deal of software (actually Cubase Le6 now plus Kontakt Player and Traktor).

comments ???


Dissolve midi?

Dear split :

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Thanks for taking the time to reply - at least there is ONE person taking me “seriously” - but it was not very helpful; any ideas on how to proceed?


I am not sure what you need and how much you understand about MIDI and audio, but I’ll give it a go:

EACH MIDI Track can only be set to one MIDI Port (Output Routing) and one MIDI Channel.
MANY MIDI Tracks can be set to the same MIDI Port and/or MIDI Channel.

So say you have 10 MIDI Tracks all playing to the MIDI Port “Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth” and MIDI Channels 1-10. These play through the computer speaker because that particular synth is part of Windows. You could now copy the 10 MIDI Tracks so that you end up with 20 MIDI Tracks. Change the MIDI Port on all the copied tracks to “UM1”. Now if you press play, you will hear both synths. The original set of 10 tracks will output audio through the laptop speakers, and the copied 10 tracks will output audio from the synth you have the UM1 connected to.

I cannot comment on the particular hardware suggested to you, but the right type of hardware (call it “X”) would enable you to route the audio from the 10 original tracks AND the 10 copied tracks to the same audio output (which would come from the hardware “X”).

Maybe not exactly what you needed, but it may help to better understand how to help yourself resolve your situation.

Thanks Electrobolt :

Am excited to hear of the solution you suggest, and will definitely try out this evening at home;

As i recollect, the versions of cakewalk / cubase I am using do not permit individual ports / channels to besent to different output sources; but I will definitely give it a go