Simultaneously Batch Export Mono AND Stereo tracks

I mean how overdue is this???

Because ‘Mono Downmix’ applies to the whole export, then it’s ALL mono or ALL stereo, and it’s impact hugely exacerbated when working with Realtime Export (External FX) e.g. right now I’md doing one pass for Overheads and Rooms - then another for all the mono tracks (kick,snare, toms etc).

I can’t imagine it would be that hard to be able to specify Mono Downmix on a per-track basis?

This really adds a huge amount of time, to what already isn’t the smoothest process (External Plugins / Audio Connections)

Hi check my video.

in it I explain a method that Greg Ondo taught me.

if you have doubts, don’t hesitate to ask me.


I think I can follow the video - but having to create a phantom bus with no outs to get this basic functionality to work sums up the issue pretty neatly i’d say - we shouldn’t have to change any routing (which might be arbitrarily complex) in a project to get basic stereo & mono exports.

I agree, but at the moment it is what we have, maybe in 11 there is a way to do it …

I hope my video will help you, partner!
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