Since D4 I'm a little confused about how to open and close r.h. panel in write mode

I can use control + 9 to close it but it won’t always open it and if I play around clicking on the pallet and keyboard icons I can eventually get it to open. Also, when I’m editing something and want to open the panel I get a pop up which I don’t want. I just want the panel to open. Maybe I’m missing something.

Hi. Make sure you don’t use shift-0 to open/close the panels, as it kind of messes up with those… I could never get used to its behavior and I am using Dorico on a daily basis for almost five years and a half :wink:
If you only use the direct numbers, the behavior is very consistent and simple. Open/close, that’s it.

Thanks Marc. I kinda liked the way it worked in 3.5 better.

They had to make the popover interface work on a touch screen. So now the right zone handles both panels and associated popovers. You get panels opening only with the “palette” icon selected. The Ctrl+0 situation Marc described is unchanged from D3.

Mark, thanks for the explanation.