SINCE Mystic, Prologue, Specter ARE GONE

Seems like cubase 12 due to technical problems quit 3 great synths. Mystic, Prologue and Specter.
Is Steinberg planning on replacing this good old synths for something new? Added for free.
Logic has great synths available (ES M , ES P, ES E, EFM 1, ES 2…and so on…), they didn’t quit any of the old ones, why would we ?

there are plenty of free and cheap instruments around. for example:

The Best Free VST Plugins for 2022 and Beyond (

or how about Plugin Alliance or Slate for $10 a month?

I don’t know of any new Steinberg instruments

Steinberg always tries to keep things around for as long as possible (for example, the Steinberg and FXpansion VST effects from the Cubase SX1 era are still included), but of course that’s not always possible for various reasons, such as licensing. There was a similar situation when Macs switched from PowerPC to Intel CPUs. Several of the stock plugins simply couldn’t be ported over.

Mystic, Prologue and Specter were added during a time when Cubase had very little stock content, and the current Halion team hadn’t been formed yet. You can think of Retrologue, Padshop, and the “Trip” VA and “Flux” Wavetable libraries for Halion Sonic SE as indirect replacements. These newer synths were all made by Steinberg, and they will likely continue to update them for a long time, just like the Logic synths.

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It was indeed a little frustrating to realize that these three synths had become a thing of the past with version 12 of Cubase. But this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. However, they still exist with version 11. If there is an absolute necessity for you to use these synts, it is still possible to do so via this version.

For me, Prologue was the synthesizer I used the most. However, Steinberg recently gave us the CS-80 V4 synth from Arturia. Personally, I find this synth to be a superb compensation for the loss of Prologue. There are also a few other freebies that come with this one. So I think Steinberg made a very good effort to compensate us.

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I just noticed because i´m doing some work that i used specter and now the projects wont open correctly.
Guess I’ll have to install CB11 and do the workaround of copying some files to the CB12 VST3 folder.

Steinberg didn’t say “licensing” they said “technical” - although we all know they were twisting the truth and it was actually licensing.

no reason to defend the decision and the deception - unless you want to blindly just defend everything Steinberg do ?