Since updating to 6.0.2 Cubase has become unstable

Hi there,

unfortunately, since updating to 6.0.2, Cubase has become unstable and behaves in a strange way.
Namely, my plug-ins (NI Komplete 7, Reaktor or Massive for example) are visibly “suffering”, tend to slow down (especially when loading a preset) or “freeze” for a while and then back in order again…

The fact is that when I open these softwares in standalone, they just work great at their usual speed and precision. No issues at all.

If you consider the specs of my computer (see below), we should assume that is well equipped and prepared to any working situation. On top of this, it has been optimized for audio.

In order to carry on working on musical projects, I have to use a previous edition of Cubase, the no. 5 which seems to be, so far, more stable and reliable.

Is out there anybody else who is experiencing this painful loss?
Any help is much appreciated!



I had very bad experience with 6.0.2.

I was on XP 32bit, and after last update Cubase 6.0.2 startsed crashing. I thought, well, XP is not supported anymore, probably this is the reason, seems it is time to move on,…

OK, I installed Win7 32 bit, and put Cubase 6.0.2 on fresh installed system. Still crashing quite frequently, quite the same as on XP. Plus some new problems with some 3rd party plugins, which worked fine on XP. Ehhh…

Still, I see a benefit of Win7. In XP after Cubase 6.0.2 crash I had to restart PC, which took several minutes of… :cry: . In Win7 after crash Cubase 6.0.2 closes immediately, so I can restart it immediately. So, workflow is greatly improved on Win7. I consider this to be the greatest benefit of Win7 - you don’t have to restart PC after Cubase 6.0.2 crashes. Great job, Steinberg! Or should I be thankful to Microsoft…? Plus being on Win7 makes me feel cool, up to date, and guess what, it is supported by Cubase 6.0.2!

One tip for persistent crashing, reset your Application Data:

First, please shut down Cubase. Then go to the Start menu, All Programs, Cubase 6, Cubase 6 Application Data Folder. In the top address bar, you should see “App Data (roaming) Steinberg” Click on Steinberg at the top. This will put you in the Steinberg app data folder. Trash all of the folders that you see in the application data folder. This will trash your key commands, preferences, sound card settings, etc. It also should clear up the problem you are having. Restart Cubase. You will need to reset your audio outputs (Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System).

I hope this helps


Chris, in my case, it is a fresh install, nothing to clear up from before, because nothing was there before. It is a fresh virgin install.

I moved from XP to Win7, because i hoped for better stability. But it is no good - only thing better on Win7 is that I don’t have to restart PC after Cubase crash. But pre 6.0.2, Cubase 6.0.1 worked fine on XP, I wanted to stay on XP, I had no crashing like on 6.0.2. Something is wrong with 6.0.2. Please fix it.

I would suggest contacting your country’s technical support through your MySteinberg account so they can help you with the specific problem.

Even if it is a fresh install, trashing the application data can still be a solution to persistent crashing.

With regard to the 3rd party plugins, I would suggest checking with those manufacturers to update to Win 7 versions of the plugins.

I hope this helpful.

I also had problem after 6.0.2 update. I can’t open ongoing projects. I try to delete the things inside the mentioned folder then i think i messed up the whole.

Now i am in another situation can’t install Cubase anymore. I uninstalled but during new install i remember i cancel one syncrosoft warning and right now stop at the activate mp3 trial license… Installation wont finish or cancel, just hang there.

Syncrosoft is not a part of the Cubase 6 installation (it hasn’t been since Cubase 4). eLicenser is the protection for C6.

I would recommend contacting tech support so we can help you with the problem individually.

Sorry miss spell, should be synsopos

Ok, first go to the Start Menu, Control Panel, System, Advanced System Properties, Performance Settings, Data Execution Prevention. Change this to the top option “turn on dep for essential windows programs and services only”

Then restart the computer.

Then go to Download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center (do not open it). Shut down the computer, wait 10 seconds, then restart.

Now run the installer from the disc. I hope this information helps.


I did every word you said, same place same error. The weird thing is i never use mp3 codec inside the Cubase. I don’t need Cubase to install anything about MP3 codec or any other compression codecs

I can’t believe installation can’t continue because mp3, silly

It is not the MP3 codec that is stopping the installation, it is the operating system conflicting with the licensing software. Please contact your Country’s technical support and they will help you.

i contacted them twice for other problems. One of them was entering to this forum, another was drawing pitcbend control message. They didn’t know both. Germany office fix the the forum problem then forum members fix the pitchbend question.

Sonar still works

If you are a US customer, I will help you personally. Again, this is the type of question that technical support is best setup to help you with.

Before Cubase 6, what other versions of Cubase did you have installed on the computer? If you open the eLicense Control Center, do you receive the same error? Thank you.

Thanks for the interest. I will try to contact them, i have no hope

No previous cubase, this is the only. Elicenser control center shows these as red text color:

MP3 Encder Steinberg, Local, Sel, Demo, Expired, Expiration Date: 2011-03-31, Remaining Starts: 20

Just a note to say “Thank You” to Chris for taking an interest and helping like this! I’m holding off on leaving 6.00 - maybe I’ll go to 6.01 … but very hesitant to go to 6.02 with all this stuff going on.

Hi there,

does anybody know if a fix for this C6.0.2 instability (and other troubles) is going to be scheduled by Steinberg?

I reckon there’s no doubt about this version unexpected issues. Something should be done before we get one step back…

Thank you.

I am told contact to support in my country, i did yesterday… waiting. I wish i could continue my projects with other software.

I am having problems with 5.5xx I tried trashing the app data but all my plugins were not visible by Cubase anymore.
Did I miss a step?

I did contact them, I am told wait for the email, already 6 days past. I send them detailed explanation and all the pictures, screen shot.

I just want to install the software, i don’t need 0.2 update. Please someone here help

Hi everybody,

a few days ago I’ve started this thread: Since updating to 6.0.2 Cubase has become unstable.

Well, just a few minutes ago I’ve updated Reaktor to 5.6.

Improvements involved 64bit “adjustments”.

Now everything seems to work fine. No issues in Cubase 6.0.2 anymore. At least, so it seems so far.

I’m sorry if I’ve caused panic.

I’ll let you all know the progress.