SINE Player Orchestral Tools' Berlin Strings Dorico Expression Map Does A Weird Thing

So I noticed a weird thing.

I used an expression map given by @andhy and it seems like the legato function causes the notes to be played slightly longer than intended in the piece, causing it to sound like someone is constantly ahead and behind in the ensemble at all times.

I think this is due to the functionality of +LEG in berlin strings, as to activate it you must make the midi notes overlap a tiny bit, and the instruments are incapable of playing multiple notes at one time. The library will recognize the overlap, and then activate legato.

But you obviously cant do that in dorico. So I’m noticing the notes are just overlapping eachother instead of actually causing a legato effect. Anyone else have issues with this?

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You can. In the Expression Map, the Playback Options Overrides section lets you change the note length for different articulations. By default this is 105% for legato.

Hahaha no way! I literally JUST found that while snooping around myself.

I think It works in a weird way with the expression mapping, because the sample was triggering legato even between long notes that had no slur and were far apart in octave. Obviously in most scoring situations, if a player sees an octave jump with no slur they aren’t going to assume it’s legato haha. Which is why it sounded so different.

I notcied by setting legato to 100%, it still sounded more legato when I marked down a slur. So I think it may not be necessary with Berlin Strings to actually have the legato be longer than the actual note and have that overlap.

ngl I am ASTOUNDED someone responded so quickly hahaha

(Apologies) Welcome to the forum.

Each library has its own quirks. Personally I don’t have Berlin Strings so can’t help further.

No you actually solved my issue. Had I not found it on my own your response would have gotten me there 2 mins later :smiley:

I would definitley reccomend Berlin Strings if you do work with sample libraries frequently. The thing is a monster. It’s crazy expensive but so far it’s been worth every penny. The kind of music I have been able to create has been beyond what I thought would even be possible. Thank you so much for the quick help! I can’t wait to combine both dorico and berlin strings!