Sine Player Window Too Big To Edit

Hi Guys,

Like the title suggests. Is there a way to do that in Cubase, or I have to tweak my laptop screen resolution?



What do you mean by the Sine Player Window, please?

Yes apologies, I made the false assumption that everyone know about Orchestral Tools’ Sine player plug-in. Basically it’s a dedicated plug-in for all of OT’s sample libraries. But really my question would apply to any window or plug-in in Cubase.


It depends, if the plug-in’s GUI is resizable it not. This is in the plugin side.

It could also depend on the HiDPI scaling. If the plugin window is already big at 100%, then it can be even bigger at higher scaling factors.

No in fact mine is at 125%, but on a laptop screen everything is just too small to be able to work with it… I managed to make it smaller when I changed the screen to 100%, but when i returned it to 125% it returned. Is there a way to save the size like a preset?

So is it no or yes ? :sweat_smile:
If the plugin itself doesn’t feature a scaling option then it follows the HiDPI setting.
You can also look for the Allow Window to be Resized option, maybe that could help you.

Oh didn’t know it was a question! I guess i turned my laptop screen to its full resolution and it worked its at a good scale now.
Thanks @Louis_R :pray:t2:

Thanks @Martin.Jirsak I fixed the display resolution of the laptop and it was fixed. :pray:t2:

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I had the same problem with Sine Player in Cubase, although it looks fine as a stand alone or in Ableton Lite. I’m using a Windows 15 inch lap top.
After reading this thread I turned HiDPI scaling off and it solved the problem, although things don’t look quite as sharp on the display to me now.
Also, turning off HiDPI has solved the problem that I’ve had since Cubase Artist 12 of the waveforms and project cursor shaking when using zoom by dragging on the ruler. This didn’t happen in previous versions of Cubase I’ve had.

How did you turn off the HiDPI? And where is it located?

I found it in preferences and General. There’s a tick box.