Sine Player won't play in cubase 11 pro

I bought the Berlin Main Series from Orchestral Tools yesterday and now sine player won’t load in cubase 11 pro thus I can’t play any instruments I paid $1,800 for. Help.

Hi. Sorry you’re having trouble. I just downloaded the Sine Player and the free piano and it loaded and played in Cubase Pro 11.0.41 in Windows 10.

Can you see it installed in the VST Instrument tab of the Plugin Manager?
Some more details of your system, and what you’ve tried and how exactly it failed would be helpful.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I updated my Cubase 11 Pro tonight. I have windows 10 pro.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I updated my Cubase 11 Pro tonight. I have windows 10 pro. The sine player is under other in the cubase. If I ask to add a track for vst then i can get to sine player and my downloads which i can then see sine player 1 in my cubase recording section but no sound.

The path for the sine player in the plug in manager of cubase is C:/program files/ vstplugins whereas my downloaded sine player vst instruments are on my F drive due to the size of the files.

I found this, this should solve the problem:

“Sooo… here’s the secret procedure for making this work:
First, open a NEW blank project in Cubase 11–DO NOT open an existing project that was saved in an earlier version.
Then, open VST Manager with the cog icon; open the VST2 Plugin Paths list and add the proper paths to your VST Manager.
Then, make a VST track with a VST instrument from one of the paths you added, and drop a plugin from one of the paths you added into an insert.
Save the project. (I called it “test project”)
Quit Cubase. Then open one of your old projects in Cubase 11. Cubase will now remember the folders you told it to scan, find the instruments and plugins, and insert them properly into the project. Be sure to save the existing project in Cubase 11.
Cubase 11 seems to remember these locations now.”

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Thank you I had the same problem. Your suggestion was very helpful

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