Single Barlines between staves and normal barlines [solved]

I need help for the following problem:
For a publication I have a modern prelude to an old chorale.
The Prelude should have normal barlines and the chorale should only have barlines between the staves.

At the moment I only find an Engraving Option (“Single barlines between staves”) to changes the barlines for the whole project. It would be very helpful for me, if this option could be moved to the Notation Options, so that I can change it only for the desired flow.

Does anyone has a clever workaround for this problem?

Why not use the Bracket and Barline Change function in Engrave mode?

Because it doesn’t work in this case!

To make it clearer: I want to combine


Barline 2.png

I’m afraid there’s no way to do this at present, Heiko. Perhaps at some point in the future we could make it possible via the existing bracket and barline change to change the default barline arrangement as well. We’ll think about it.

That would be great!

I’m not near Dorico atm, but if you can sacrifice the dashed barline you could set the dash length to zero and in effect obtain an invisible barline. Then use vertical lines to simulate the bar lines between staves where needed… (?)

Wow, this was a very quick [added in 3.5]! Thank you for listening!!!