Single Folder Expansion (SINGLE vs ALL) & Folder Locking

Requesting a feature to Shift + Ctrl or adjust via Key Commands to collapse/expand SINGLE folder structures vs ALL (Ctrl clicking a folder). Picture attached for clarity.

Edit: To expand on this - it would be great to also enable a “Folder Lock” feature Shift + Alt + Ctrl click as an example. This would ideally maintain a specific structure. ie NOT allow the folder to be expanded/collapsed and locked in its current position, be it open or closed…


I would go even further than that, and ask for 2 preferences on top of this:

  1. Exclusive folder view, in which only one root level folder can be open at any time. Open one, and the other closes. (This is possible currently with a PLE macro, but firing the keycommand so often becomes tiresome.)

  2. Navigation opens folders. This would allow people with huge templates to find their tracks in the project view from the corresponding channels in the mixconsole. The tech would also solve the problems of navigating the inspector of instrument tracks, where the Instrument itself lives in a sub-folder level and not on the same root level as the Instrument Track.