Single left-click draw MIDI, single right-click delete MIDI

As the subject states, please add an option for Single left-click draw MIDI, single right-click delete MIDI. To bring up the tool menu, a modifier key could be held, then right clicking would bring up the menu. Another modifier key could held for MIDI note selection.

This would greatly speed up workflows (less clicking), especially for those coming from other DAW where MIDI editing works in a similar manner.

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Lets hope Cubase 11 will come with updates on the MIDI section, it is the most dated section ever in Cubase.

this request coming up every year repeatedly

btw, have similiar request, [FR] Key Editor - ALT modifier KILLER improvement! - Cubase - Steinberg Forums


Why don’t they build functionality where; when the piano role is open, it changes the right click mode to only enable delete and not bring up the menu.
Close piano role and right click reverts back to menu mode.

i agree i been waiting on this feature for so long …i dont even think it’s hard for them to add it …i could be very easy for them to encode this into the midi editor

In Cubase 11, a double left click now deletes notes. Not quite reducing the clicking, but it’s a start I suppose. Anyway, to mitigate this issue, I’ve just made macros in my keyboard and mouse editor. Now my draw tool (8) always shows by default, then holding a spare macro key enables the select tool to make multiple MIDI selection or to adjust length or move the MIDI notes. A macro for a spare button on my mouse to delete notes. It’s not ideal but it works.

Just like FL studio piano roll, deleting notes is so easy…

Indeed. FL Studio’s piano roll is simply the best. There’s a reason so many people love it. Just watch videos on people using the FLS piano roll and its clear to see that the workflow speed is significantly faster than other DAW. You don’t really need to use any keyboard shortcuts or macros to make it work quickly either.

Cubase has better velocity control and slicing notes is better too, but the main “paint/erase” workflow is so intuitive in FL, honestly every DAW should copy that.