Single-line instrument percussion does not display PT

In 5 line staff and grid, Dorico displays PT as I cycle through them (fig 1). However, if a single-line instrument is selected in the layout options, the PT is not displayed.

Although it’s a bit hard to understand on its face, this does make a certain amount of sense. When you add a playing technique in the five-line staff presentation, it doesn’t apply to any particular instrument in the kit (this is just how playing techniques work: they don’t attach to notes, but rather to rhythmic positions in a given voice), and because the music shown on a five-line staff is essentially condensed, it is not actually using the same voices as the individual instruments when they are shown using individual one-line staves, so the playing technique doesn’t appear there. The long and the short of it is that you can add the same playing technique separately in each presentation type.

Daniel, my example is for notehead-bound PTs, not additional glyph PT.

Notehead bound PTs do apply to a single instrument across all type of staff/grid.

When cycling through PTs in a 5 line staff or a grid, the current notehead’s PT is displayed in orange, which is a really nice feature.

On a single instrument grid, the notehead PTs are not displayed as one cycles through them, meaning one needs a legend, knowing what each notehead idicates.