Single line percussion

I’m trying make the snare drum and bass drum appear above and below a single line, respectively. Does anyone know if this is possible. No matter what configuration I use, I end up with two lines, one instrument per line. Can I achieve this in Dorico?
single-line percussion.png

Not out of the box. You could edit the XML: One line staff with two voices - #2 by Craig_F - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Thanks dankreider,

I’ll try that.

I am a bit confused with this method. Should I always have an xml file of which the name is the same as the dorico file?

Is it not possible to do within the “Edit Percussion Kit” window?

I have found the following option for percussion players in the layout option:

I do not need absolutely 1-line staff, so 5-line staff is enough for me.
However, it would be nice if Dorico development team provides in future 1-line staff as an item for this option.

I would suggest that for a two-instrument kit, you should use the ‘Grid’ presentation type, as it’s both clearer and more vertically compact than using the five-line staff when only two instruments are needed.

I also wanted to write congas on a one-line staff where the high conga would be stem up above the line and the low conga would be stem down below the line. A grid is more compact than a five-line staff but still requires more space than a single line with two voices. It would be really awesome if that would be implemented in future. This wouldn’t just apply to congas but other percussion with two instruments like Maracas, Agogo bells, Bongos, Timbales, etc.

IThis wouldn’t just apply to congas but other percussion with two instruments like Maracas, Agogo bells, Bongos, Timbales, etc.

Additionally, jangu (a Korean percussion) is usually notated on 1-line staff:
above the line: the right hand
below the line: the left hand

some examples of the instrument figure, notation, etc…:

There are similar musical instruments in East Asia. I do not know how they notate music in western notation system, but I think 1-line staff for percussion may be common.

Another example that just came to my mind would be two different single-pitch instruments on the same single-line staff, e. g. a shaker and hand-held cymbals. That would be played by two players, but for the sake of compactness it could be written in the same system with one instrument/voice above the line and the other below the line.

I can’t find the Percussion option shown in prko’s post from Jan 20. I’m in the same screen, and I’ve upgraded to Any suggestions?

It doesn’t look like you have any percussion instruments in that layout. Perhaps it appears only when pertinent?

I have a suspended cymbal and a snare drum. I even tried selecting them and then going to the layout options and it still wasn’t there.

You only get that option if you add a Percussion Kit. Having two separate percussion instruments, even held by the same player, does not constitute a Percussion Kit.

This is a much-needed feature. Aside from scores listed in other parts of the forum, established percussion texts (i.e. Uribe) are filled with examples utilizing notes on either side of a single line staff.

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Agree! It’s much needed!

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