Single shortkey for 3er tuplets ?

Are there plans for installing a single shortkey for tuplets, especially 3er,
because they are the most used tuplets in classical music (Bach etc).

I have to edit a lot of Bach-Kantatas, and there are 3er tuplets very common…

The way only with mouse and ratio or key-command and ratio
is quite annoying…

I mean: you type a key (may be: 3 or Alt-3), then you play the note on keyboard,
and the next notes will be the tuplets, until I type the key a second time…


Please see this other thread.

Daniel, I read this thread, but it is all ever with some keystrokes,
I would prefer only one (1) keystroke for the most used 3:2 triplet
like it is possible in Sibelius.
In Sib with a “Cmd 3” (Mac) I have the next 3 notes automatic as triplets,
a very quick way…


In another thread, Daniel said that just typing a “3” in the pop-up will produce a 3:2 triplet.
That is the only tuplet with such a shortcut.

(Which is what Daniel said in the linked thread he referenced above. Not sure how typing “semicolon, 3” is more keys than Alt-3 would be.)

…the pop-up Menu is already the first stroke,
then,because I work with a german keyboard, comes
the second and third stroke (semicolon), then at least the “3”,
and I use in Sib one (1!) only stroke, because I use a midi-controller
for the shortcuts…
Therefore a only keyboard-shortcut would be very nice :slight_smile:)