Single Systems into piano system - the fastest way

Hello, I do have some treble and bass trax in logic that I´d like to put into a piano system in Dorico. What us the best way for that?

  1. Putting them into the piano system in logic (with different voiceprogramming for left and right hand) and than exporting per XML?

  2. Exporting the single systems per XML and copying them into a piano system in Dorico?

3.??? Or is there another much better and easier way to achieve the result?

Thanx for help.

Best gogollny

I would suggest simply copying and pasting, unless you know of a reason why that wouldn’t work. Bring the music into Dorico via MusicXML or MIDI, and add a piano to the project. Select the first item on the treble staff and do Edit > Select To End Of Flow, and copy with Command-C. Select the first bar rest in the right-hand staff of the piano instrument and paste with Command-V. Repeat with the bass staff, selecting the first rest in the left-hand staff of the piano before you paste with Command-V.

Ok thanx, I thought maybe there is a way to “morph” two different instruments into one…or to say like “interpretate these 2 systems as a piano” :wink:) or sth like that

There’s not a function for that, but I suppose you might also change the top instrument into a piano, then you’d have only one staff to copy-paste. But either way, you’re talking about mere seconds of work!

you might also change the top instrument into a piano,

:slight_smile:)) Thats exactly what I just right before o read your post :slight_smile: Thanx

I’ve not tried this, but can you condense into a grand staff?

Paste > Reduce will reduce several staves onto fewer.