Could we please get a single window interface. I use Microsoft’s FancyZones to organise my desktop for a better workflow but Cubase’s weird window setup prevents me from assigning it to a zone (55" 4K screen).
Even Alt-tab doesn’t work properly to switch between apps!


What about to use Workspaces in Cubase?

I want to tile Cubase with other apps


Cubase windows management (on the PC) is just … weird. Alt-Tabbing doesn’t work the way it does with other apps, clicking on windows doesn’t foreground them, we’ve got a strange hovering menu bar, it just breaks so many UX conventions and muscle memory. #feature-request


Well, that’s because MacOS has a menu bar that Windows doesn’t and Cubase’s menu has to be shown somewhere in the screen. And also, I wouldn’t want that bar on my every window so this is the best solution that I saw so far. (Look at how there are even uglier implementations like Pro Tools on Windows)

The hovering menu bar I can live with. The thing that always gets me is that clicking on a Cubase window doesn’t put it in the foreground. Case in point: I’ve got the main Cubase project screen maximized on my main monitor (and mixer views on secondary monitors). Often, I’ll open a Windows File Explorer window on my main monitor to move some files around, and when I’m done, I am expecting that clicking anywhere on the Cubase project window will put it into the foreground (and thus hide/put in the background the File Explorer window). But - that doesn’t work!

Oddly enough, if I click on a Cubase mixer window on my secondary monitor, it will then put the Cubase project window on my main monitor in the foreground(?!). So that’s my workaround.

Am I doing something really wrong here, or is this just a Cubase windows management oddity I need to get used to?

I use Task View, Cubase is always in it’s own task view, along with a browser that is in it’s own space on one of the windows, used mostly as a PDF viewer. There is no overlap. There are two Windows Exploder windows open and arranged in a separate Task View for moving things around on one screen, and a full screen web browsing browser window on the other. I never notice any issues, because I am never overlapping Cubase with anything else. Same on the laptop, Task View for Cubase.

Except for coding MRs. For that it was nice because you can have MSCode open on one side, and the Project window on another, and the title bar is conveniently still up across the top. i love the way it is.

They did change it so that it sometimes takes over the screen as if it were one window. I don’t like that.

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Yeah, avoiding overlapping windows will do the trick. Thanks for this suggestion, I’ll see if I can make that work for my workflow!

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I never knew TaskView existed!! It actually works very well, especially the Ctrl-WIN-Left/Right keys to flip between Desktops… Thanks for highlighting this.

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