Site license?

Are there plans for site licenses somewhere down the line? At some point, I suspect that my colleagues will make the switch to Dorico, at which point a site license for our university would be something to explore. I didn’t see info about this anywhere, and it may be something that is in development.


Site license pricing for Dorico is already available: basically, you buy a bunch of copies at the educational price (indeed, if you have Sibelius or Finale already you can also qualify for the crossgrade discount), and depending on the number of copies you buy, you receive a further per-copy discount. If your institution is interested in buying copies of Dorico, please contact one of our resellers, and if you’re not sure who would be able to help you, please drop me a line and I will connect you to an appropriate reseller in your area.

Thanks! I will have to talk to my colleagues and gauge their interest. And, as it’s the university’s money, I should probably consult them, as well. But, it is good to know it is already in place.

Much appreciated.

Reviving this old thread (from 2-½ years ago):

Is site license pricing still the same as mulitple copies of educational price?

Can you direct me to someone who can give me an estimate for 10 educational copies, cross grading from a 10-seat Finale license?

Thank you,
David Froom

The per-seat suggested retail price for a multi-user Dorico Pro 3 license, if you’re crossgrading from Finale or Sibelius, is $69.99 excluding applicable sales tax. So the total suggested retail price for a 10-seat license is $699.90, though depending on where you buy you might find a lower price. I’ll get in touch with my colleagues at Yamaha in the US (who handle Dorico for us) and ask them to recommend a dealer for you to contact who can fulfill this purchase.

Thank you!! What an amazing deal. I look forward to teaching Dorico to my students when my college’s lab is next upgraded. At that price, it is cheaper to buy Dorico outright than it is to upgrade to whatever Finale next offers.

I am also very interested in a site-license for the university I teach at. What dealers does Yamaha recommended contacting about educational licensing in the States?

Thanks in advance,

Joshua Stamper

If you drop me an email, Joshua, I will gladly put you in touch with our education sales team. Please let me know your institution so I know which part of the US you’re in. My email is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Thanks!

Terrific. Thanks, Daniel. Just emailed.



Our university recently switched from Product S to Dorico. We couldn’t be happier. Students absolutely love it. Especially the ones who know other softwares. They’re delighted with the flexibility in note input and workflow. The Dorico team have also been outstanding in their support while we were dealing with hiccups (issues on our end) during setup. I simply cannot recommend Dorico enough.

James, what a wonderful endorsement. Thank you! Would you be willing to let us print that on the ‘Education’ page on our web site?


Absolutely, with one Caveat. That we delete “Product S”. The first sentence would read “Our university recently switched to Dorico”. As much as I LOVE Dorico, I (and by extension my university) wouldn’t want to disrespect the other products. I’ve been a Sibelius user since Version 1, and have had many wonderful years of engraving and teaching on that software. Dorico is a step above, but that shouldn’t take away from the rich history and ongoing work of the other softwares. Thanks again to you and your team.

Is there any update as to when there might be a site license with the new system? The university I work for purchased individual copies as described in this thread. Dorico has been great in our lab since we switched, but we are still running 3.5 and would like to update.

Welcome to the forum, @MKeller. We are still waiting for the official launch of our new Steinberg Licensing-based multi-user licensing solution, but we can help shepherd you through the process, if you or your IT department are willing to work with us on the deployment of the software. Please drop me an email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and we can figure out the path forwards.

Thank you for such a quick response! Let me talk with the powers that be and I will be in contact with you.