Size of articulation markings?

Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to change some of articulation markings (like accent) but I can’t find it. Is there a way to do it?

The Music Symbol Editor.


Thank you for your reply, but I need some accents in small size not all of them.

Then choose an articulation you won’t use (there are several), and set that articulation as a small accent.

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Thank you!

But I’m wondering that’s the only way to do it…

It is, yes. There’s no way to resize articulations in the score.

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Quite easy, actually.
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Thank you so much! I wish there was another way, I think Sibelius can resize articulations too.

To be honest, this is sort of faster than resizing. If you want a large accent, type left bracket. If you want a small accent, type left brace (at least on my US Windows keyboard).

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I’ll definitely try it! Thanks again!

Might I ask why you need different size accents? Just curious how that helps the player.

Some editions do that for indicating to show either they are from different sources or editorial things. I need it for my score!

OK. I’ve never come across that myself. And not quite sure how I would respond if I did.

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