Size of Chord Symbol Alterations

I found the way edit the scale of chord alterations for chords with specific roots:

I want all (#5#9) alterations, for example, to be scaled to 75% independent of the root name.

Is there a way to do this and save it as the default for all projects?


I know you can save these alterations as a project default, but you may have to additionally do this on a chord by chord basis for other chords that you want the alterations to have the 75% change. But at least once it is done, every iteration of the changed chord will be correct and consistent.

Can these defaults be saved across other projects? Probably only by doing a “Save As” to make it act like a template.

Have you seen Anthony’s video on the process of making chord appearance defaults?

I hadn’t seen that video so thanks for pointing it out. I learned a few helpful things.

I think you are probably right that “Save As” is the only way to make these persist into other projects. I hope our valiant Team have plans for a way to be able to make these kinds of customizations become global defaults or at least importable from another project. And I’m curious as to the thinking behind their decision to make these project-specific only.



I read somewhere on this forum (from Daniel) that in the future there may be a way to save some of these things (Master Pages, different user tweaks, etc.) as a custom template like a “house style”, but for the time being it’s “Save As”.