Size of screen to see Dorico Full orchestral scores recommendation

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I managed to accidentally destroy my computer monitor. I’m presently using a borrowed monitor from a friend. My last monitor was a 27 inch one, but I still felt I needed a bigger one to really be able to see as much of my Dorico Full orchestral score as possible. Some of the larger monitors are quick expensive. However, I’m thinking I’d rather pay more cash for something that will make it easier to see what I’m doing really clearly rather than pay less for something I won’t be as happy with. There are 43 inch, even a 49 inch one advertised online here in Australia. Can anyone give me details of a size you are happily viewing your notation scores on, particularly with large orchestral scores. Thanks if anyone can offer some size recommendations.



It’s less about size and more about resolution. A 43-inch monitor will look like garbage. I know, because I tried one a few years ago. Total downer.

Best bet is to get a 4K 27 inch on a monitor arm and turn it vertical. Then you can move it closer as needed, and you’ll be able to view full scores quite comfortably.


Which is precisely why some of the really big monitors are even going 5k now (specifically Apple displays). I have a 27" 5k imac, and the resolution is notably crisper than my 27" 4k monitor at work. I’m content with the 4k on the whole, although I’d gladly take the resolution if I could afford it.

Another thing to consider is the apsect ratio. I’ve had my eye on the LG dual up display for a while now. I’m afraid the resolution might not be the best, but the aspect ratio, in a vertical orientation, would be simply excellent for Dorico. I’m thinking of taking the plunge at Christmas.

My 42 inch monitor (at 4k) looks fantastic. I can’t imagine using anything else


4K at 42 inches is 105 pixels per inch. That’s roughly the same as my old 2K 27-inch display; I’ve since moved to a 5K 27-inch display (218ppi), and the difference is like night and day. Staff lines are not just rounded to the nearest pixel: they are crisp and sharp at any size. Curves are smooth as silk; tiny text is easy to read.


What display are you using?

I’m currently looking for a new monitor and was also going into the 42" direction. But that seems pretty big, so if a smaller size makes a difference I would like to go there.


Ah, ok… the Apple Studio Display. I’m a Windows user, so I need to continue searching :wink:

I just recently switched to a Dell Ultrasharp 43” (actually 42.5”) monitor and love it. I can see my full orchestral scores without scrolling for the first time. It’s certainly a big monitor and I can’t imagine really going any bigger from an ergonomic standpoint, but it’s plenty sharp enough for me even without using the 4k resolution. I find 2560 x 1440 @ 60 Hz to be perfectly fine.

I have mine mounted to the wall at the back of my desk. I run at full resolution, and sit about 2 feet away from the screen. I have glasses tuned to just that distance, which is also just right for sitting at the piano.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all of your help and comments. I’m just getting ready for work today, so I’ll get a chance later on to read carefully all of what you’ve all been so helpful in sharing with me. I really appreciate that. Well, thanks again, and I’ll look forward to reading in more detail what you’ve shown me! many thanks, Steve

These types of threads are great. I’m also interested in starting to work on a a 42 or 43 inch maybe wall mounted in front of my desk. Haven’t got the greatest vision and it may declutter things.

I also like the 27 inch vertical idea. If you could Dan, what model of screens are vertical and how Is that setup?

43” in front and a 27” to the side for copying scores into Dorico would be awesome I imagine. My wallet and wife may not agree though.

Can’t seem to visualize myself using curved though. Maybe I’m straighter than I thought!

Keep the setups coming in!

Best to all. Simon

Many monitors support 90-degree rotation, I think. I have a Dell 4K UltraSharp 27” on a monitor arm. It’s perfect for viewing large scores.

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