Size of VST racks in playback mode

Hello community,
I get a little bit annoyed with the frame sizes (not sure about the correct term) used in Dorico as I am unable to identify the instruments at a glance. In playback mode when I switch to the VST rack with the VST instruments (highlighted in orange in attached screenshot), the proposed instrument names take up so much space so that you only have one letter visible indicating which instrument it might be (not speaking about flute 1 and flute 2 at all). I have not yet found an option to increase the area of this VST instruments section so that the whole text will become available. The only option I see is to rename the instruments but that leads again to the next problem when you want to change the playback template so all instruments will be renamed. Is there any possibility to make this more user-friendly? - Thanks and regards


We agree that the width of the left zone in Play mode is too narrow, and we have already made changes such that it will be wider in the next update, when it arrives.