Sizzle cymbal NotePerformer - wrong sound


I’ve noticed an issue with NotePerformer - when I try using a sizzle cymbal in Dorico, I get some kind of drum sound. It is definitely not a sizzle cymbal. Does anybody know how to fix this? Everything else works fine in NotePerformer, it only seems to be the sizzle cymbal.

The same thing happens if I start a new file with only a sizzle cymbal in it.

I had a similar issue with temple blocks; NP doesn’t include some percussion instruments. But Halion HSO does have temple blocks, so I made a new playback template combining HSO and NotePerformer. HSO also has some nice cymbals.

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This is still happening in NotePerformer 4, including with HOOPUS which has sizzle cymbal samples. I contacted Wallander support about this and unfortunately it isn’t possible for NotePerformer to trigger samples that an external library has but it does not have in its internal library, so because it doesn’t have a sizzle cymbal internally it can’t trigger any sizzle cymbal sounds in external libraries. I also asked if it was possible to get the sound for sizzle cymbals to fall back on the sound for suspended cymbals as a sizzle cymbal is really just a modified suspended cymbal with some extra metal bits added, but they said it was Dorico that was deciding to use bongos as the fallback sound for sizzle cymbal and that I would have to ask the Dorico developers to change that.