Ski Remote and iC Pro

iC Pro C9.jpg
I cannot get my iC Pro to connect with V 9.5.30, just spins and spins till it times out. The Steinberg Ski Remote shows up in my device setup with the proper address and on my iPhone as Cubase@EERSTUDIO which is correct, but it will not connect. It works fine in C9. Anyone else having problems with this. I have attached a screenshot of the device setup panel for C9 and C9.5. I am running Win 10, most recent updates. I use the remote on a near daily basis as I play various instruments on my client’s recordings. Thanks in advance

for some reason the C9.5 Screen grab didn’t attach so here is that one

Can no one offer a suggestion as to a remedy? This issue makes the 9.5 upgrade virtually 80% useless. My only solution is to record in C9 and then open in C9.5, which to me is not a solution but a PIA

HELLLLLO is anybody home? Cana moderator even respond?

Great to know. I have been using Cubase loyally since VST32 and I cannot even get a moderator to weigh in on this. Is it too much to ask for at least a response? This IS AN ISSUE WITH MY SYSTEM