SKI Remote - Cubase IC Pro Android - stopped working on C11?

I know Steinberg abandoned it in 2015 but it was still usable in C10.

I used it on an Android tablet as remote transport control and cue mixer for musicians, and it served the purpose quite well.

Are there any plans to have this working again, or any projects for a new remote control app? I’m pretty sad I lot this feature.

If you open your SKI Remote within your cubase studio setting, there is a url. That url can be used for a normal web browser. You might need to have some firewall settings etc so start trying the web directly on your daw and see if that works. Then it just to enable the right things to get working on your tablet.

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Thanks, I upgraded from 10 to 11 but totally forgot to create a new firewall rule for it!

Working now!

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can I suggest you try the FREE avid control app - it’s not perfect (thanks to steinberg !) but it’s much better than IC pro

you’ll need to register at avid and install their eucon software - and get the app for your android tablet/phone

you’ll then be able to leave the ancient and neglected IC pro app behind…just like steinberg did.

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Thanks, I didn’t know the Avid Control app was an universal controller!

I just installed it, looks very promising but I really have to dive into it and see if it is usable. The main screen shows a lot, which is good for some applications but my main use is Cue Mixes for musicians and I don’t want them fiddling with anything rather than their own monitor mixes. Hope it’s customizable.

Do you know if there’s a template for Cubase Cue Mixes / Control Room?

I’m not aware of one

I’m on Win10 and the only way I could get iCPro to work was to disable my ‘Public’ network. I could not find any such listing for the iCPro app to setup as an ‘allowed app’ in the Win10 firewall. I contacted Steinberg and they said they would get on it (2 weeks ago). So…what box did you check within the firewall ‘allow’ list that addresses the Steinberg iCPro? Thanks.

Quick step by step (Win10):

  • Go to Control Panel (select view to small icons, so it shows all options)
  • Open Windows Defender Firewall
  • On the left column, click on “Allow an app or feature through…”
  • Click on “change Settings” (top right, above the listed software)
  • On the listed software, I used to have “Cubase 10” with private checked and public unchecked…
  • Now that I have both C10 and C11 installed, there are two instances of “Cubase 11” on the software list and I have checked “public” and “private” on both.

Honestly, at this point it’s better to just move to Avid Control than bother trying to fix problems with iC Pro, because it’s abandonware. The faster you move off of it, the better, that way solutions that are still in development and supported can be made to function better with the DAW.

I installed it yesterday, it looks very promising but I don’t think it will replace the old ICPro as a Cue Mixer for musicians, at least for now. It just shows too much and customization seems limited - apparently there’s no way of hiding channels.

Do you know of a workaround or template for cue sends only? Thanks!

I don’t think there is - it’s more of a mix assistant app…rather than a remote control.

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Fernando, I did do this and it worked, thank you. I had to create the Cubase 11 listing in my approved programs though, it wasn’t there to start with. Win Defender is a control freak…

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