SKI REMOTE Freezes my Cubase

Hi, I’ve read the past post about this problem, but they’re from back to 2014, and the solution was to downgrade to version 1.05. The problem is that I can’t try that solution because that version is not available in Steinberg’s page, only 1.04 and does not work either. I’m using 1.08.

I used to open Cubase and Ski Remote with no problem, but suddenly it kept freezing when lauching cubase so I restarted preferences to fabric and it took Ski Remote out from auto-launching and Cubase works fine, but Ski Remote freezes my Cubase everytime I try to launch it. So
thats how I noticed that Ski Remote was the problem.

So, is there anything I can do, or is there a solution for this?

Some forums pointed out that it was a licesing problem, but I don’t get how it can be a problem. I’m using it with an iPad, and I bought the app trough AppStore.

Cubase 11 Pro user.

Found the solution, it’s the antivirus blocking it. In my case, a problem between the antivirus and the firewall, find an option to make those to work togheter.

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