SKI Remote Not Working on 8.5, works on 8.0

SKI Remote is not working in 8.5, but still works in 8.0 in the same computer. Nothing has been changed and the set-up in both versions is exactly the same. Is anyone else seeing this?

I’m using it with IC Pro and Spectrasonic’s Omni TR for Omnisphere 2. I’ve tried disabling in 8.0 to see if there was a conlfict, but no difference was found.

SKI Remote is version


Ski remote here to IC Pro on iPad Air 2 with 8.5 pro on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit is working perfectly for me.

Have you checked the windows firewall to see if it is blocking?
You might try a temporary full disable then see if IC Pro can connect.
Re-enable and edit the FW settings if that works.
Or have you enabled authentication in Devices -> Device Setup -> Steinberg SKI Remote?

It was a firewall setting and it seems that 8.0 and 8.5 are not handled the same on my system (Win 7 Pro 64bit). When I set up 8.5, it was set to pass the firewall, so I assumed it was OK.

After your post, I doubled checked the firewall setting to compare how they were set and noted the two programs were listed differently under the firewall permissions. 8.0 was set to be allow connections through the private network, but NOT the public network and the internet. Somehow, it still worked and seemed to get through. 8.5 was set to be allowed through both the public and private networks, but was listed twice. I must have been asked twice, once for each network, at different times and didn’t set both on initial set-up. One instance was for the private network and the other was for the public network. With both instances of 8.5, it did not work. In Win 7 Pro, it isn’t necessary to have two instances set that way because you can set one instance to be allowed through both networks. I deleted one instance and set the remaining instance to allow both public and private. It now works. I don’t understand the reason for the difference between 8.0 and 8.5, but really don’t care since it works.

I previously had 7.5 on this computer and the firewall settings were still there. Those were set the same as 8.5 had been set with two instances, one for each network. But, it worked fine. I thought perhaps 8.0 was able to use the public network setting of 7.5. I deleted that to see if 8.0 would still work and it did, even though it was not allowed communication through the public network according to the firewall settings. Somehow, was getting through to the internet. In any event, 8.0 and 8.5 are both now set to pass through to both networks on a single permission instance. Something is probably missing in this equation, but again, it works now…

Thanks for the help.