"Skin file '' not found!"

This is for Dorico Elements 5.0.20 on Windows 10:

I’m getting this error at every startup. If I click [OK] and dismiss the dialog, the the remainder of startup proceeds.

I’ve looked for other posts on this topic and they seem to boil down to “reinstall”. So I’ve reinstalled Dorico 5.0.20 and Halion Sonic 7.0.10 a couple of times using the Download Assistant, to no avail.

I also tried copying the ‘skin.srf’ file from my Dorico 4 installation to my Dorico 5 folders hierarchy, but that completely impeded the startup, so I deleted it.

What else can I do to get over this problem?

Hoping for a simple solution … Here are some details:

Directory listing of ‘Skins’ folder: Empty!

 Directory of C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico5\VSTAudioEngine\Skins

07/19/2023  02:08 PM    <DIR>          .
07/19/2023  02:08 PM    <DIR>          ..
               0 File(s)              0 bytes
               2 Dir(s)  58,296,909,824 bytes free

Excerpt from latest ‘VSTAudioEngine.log’ (i.e. AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Dorico 5 AudioEngine_64\logs\VSTAudioEngine.log)

2023-07-24 13:03:57 : Use WinRT MIDI
2023-07-24 13:03:57 : Init Skin...
2023-07-24 13:04:01 : Error cannot restore skin!
2023-07-24 13:04:01 : Find Shared Modules...

Skin File Not Found Screenshot 2023-07-20 004514

Can you operate Dorico anyway?
My recollection is that this is part of some support routine like the audio engine and ostensibly should not affect operation of Dorico other than being a nuisance.

My memory may be incorrect though.
@dspreadbury will know.

Here are a couple of articles that suggest that one should remove Dorico and reinstall it. You may want to Deactivate the present installation first just in case.

Hi, it’s true what Derrek says, you could click away that alert and everything should continue normally, however, that would be a nuisance.
On the other hand, I wonder that reinstalling Dorico does not recover the skin file.
Anyway, I’ve zipped up my skin file and attached here. Please unzip and then put into the skins folder.
skin.zip (1.3 MB)

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This should probably be moved to the organ trade forum (not being church organs) (-;


I copied ‘skin.srf’ to the ‘skins’ folder, and Dorico started up with no errors. The log file appears to be the same as the excerpt I posted, but without the error message, i.e.

2023-07-25 01:29:48 : Use WinRT MIDI
2023-07-25 01:29:48 : Init Skin...
2023-07-25 01:29:49 : Find Shared Modules...

Other than that, I can’t see any difference in behavior. I went into Play mode and played my current project, and the appearance and performance are the same. as far as I can see.

Thanks, Ulf!

I had the same issue with 5.1 and found this thread.
Thank Ulf, your skin file fixed it.

That’s good to hear, though actually we still don’t know how it can happen, that the skin file does not get installed properly…
At least it is easy to fix, but overall it is a nuisance that does not need to be.

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This just fixed the same problem for me in Pro 5.1.21. Many thanks Ulf - you’ve brought down the average Dorico user blood pressure here I think! :slight_smile:


Same problem. This started happening after an update that took two tries to install. First install ”timed out”, second went normally.

Fix worked though, thanks.

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