Skin not found?

Using 4.3.11(?), I was just greeted with this message. It comes up within a small Audio Engine window I think. Sorry for being vague, I’m not currently at that specific machine. This message did not affect Dorico (much?) when closed from the window’s x button, everything just worked (apart from the playback I think). I pushed on because I needed to quickly do a lead sheet, and didn’t troubleshoot much.

Restarting did not fix the issue. There was also a windows update that took place just before the issue.

Could you point me to a general troubleshooting direction, so that when I get home I can get straight to it?

A skin would be for a VST wouldn’t it? Dorico does not have skins. Check your VSTs.

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Thanks for the tip, Andro! At least I know where to start now.

The audio engine itself does use skin files. I would suggest you try reinstalling Dorico itself, which will reinstall/repair the audio engine if need be.

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I will. Thank you Daniel!

Are they visual skins? Or something else? I thought a skin was a visual appearance set.

No, just dummy skins for debugging purposes. The user will never see them.

Uninstalling and reinstalling fixed the quirk. Thank you!