Skip Doubles...


I’m in the process of learning Cubase 7. At the moment I am recreating this tutorial:

I am about to pitch shift two of six looped events. When I click “process” I get Three options: “Skip Doubles”, “New Version” and “Cancel”. I haven’t a clue what “Skip Doubles” means. I have searched the PDF “Getting into the details” for the phrase but get a big fat zero in return. I have also checked the help file in “Preferences”, no luck there either.

What does “Skip Doubles” mean? :confused:

Where in the tutorial does that come up? (min:sec)

After 12:25. The dialog doesn’t show in the video but he says “Cubase will ask You…”

I don’t know what ‘skip doubles’ means. But what it does is pitch-shifts the original material. Same as if you clicked ‘Continue’ with only one event selected.

It looks like a bad translation from German, or just a big typo to me. Someone else might get it though.

Maybe it is saying, Skip showing this dialog for other instances of this clip, and pitch shift the original.

Hmm… So that’s what it’s doing. Maybe the dialog is just a leftover from older versions(?), all other processing functions I’ve tried have the “Continue” button in place of the “Skip Doubles”. Thanks for the input, I very much appreciate it! :slight_smile: