Skype and Cubase easy?

does anyone have an easy solution to record skype-calls directly in Cubase during the calls?
The problem is that any virtual routing (VAC virtual audio cable) is difficult because of the ASIO-drivers, that do not
accept a second Line-IN.
It is possible with audacyity and other audio-tools, but do I really have to work without Cubase?

Any idea is wellcome.


why don’t you just use vst connect

maybe because you can’ t call a skype account via vst connect…

and why would you want to call a Skype account if the other person was using the vst connect performer ?

He’s on about recording directly in to Cubase and as connect is essentially a Skype based application it makes sense don’t you think???

Aloha guys just to chime in on this.

Really easy to do here.

When I use Skype with my buddy,
his vox comes out of my internet (G4 laptop)
Mac as ‘built-in-audio’ which can then be routed
into my Steinberg/Yamaha n12 (FireWire)
and recorded into Cubase AI4.

This works but I do have to physically (analogue) come out
of the Mac and route the signal back into the n12.

I have not found a way to do this all internally.
Perhaps the ‘Aggregate Device’ thang will help.


I generally would not wnat to, but if I wanted, then because for example I would not have to make an appointment, but could simply call when the other skype user is online, and I did not have to explain the VST connect setup. And maybe some more things which I don’ t wnat to think about now…

I’ d say he’s on about recording a skype call directly into Cubase ( at least that’ s how I understood the question)

I was merely suggesting a simpler way if the OP had c7 (which we don’t know ,he could still be on a zx spectrum for all we know) so the OP wouldn’t have to bother with anything else as the OP also said he doesn’t want to stop working with Cubase . So why not take advantage and give your Skype partner the performer , simple isn’t it ???

Some people do like picking bones :unamused:

I was merely implying, that maybe the reason why the OP was asking his question the way he did, is because that´s what he/she actually wants to do / know - otherwise he / she had maybe asked for alternatives to Skype… (But as you said we know very little…)

guess we will never find out lol