SL 7 Transform (frequency shifting and Pitch shifting) bug

As said in the ref line: both transforms (frequency shifting and pitchshifting) don’t work. When I do the same thing in SL6 both transforms work nicley, but nothing happens in SL 7.


Fixed in the upcoming patch.

Thanks, Robin. I noticed the same when using Edit/Transform/Pitch or frequency shift on my setup when using SLpro7 in Studio One Version 5.

Now ‘pitch move’ at the top of the window when using the Transform Tool does work.

I have spent hours beating myself up trying to get a simple pitch shift done…I even read the manual. I don’t have time for this. So to confirm - SL 7 transform/pitch shift doesn’t work. Great.

Any chance of an estimate when this magical patch is likely to appear or did I miss that?

Digitalmixes: just to be clear, asbird is referring here to Edit > Transform. The Transform tool works, you can do pitch shifts with it.

As for the rest, please check your PM.

Can you do pitch shift like in Melodyne?