SL as external editor in Wavelab

I’m able to open SpectraLayers 7 from Wavelab pro 10 as editor, but no way to find get playback audio signal from SL through WL.
I imagine, SpectraLayers Bridge on Preference>Device must be something to deal with, but i have no idea how to receive it on WL.
for example, izotope RX has a vst plugin to monitor “RX7 monitor”, should SL have something similar ?
i may be missing something … it would be great if anyone could help me. thank you in advance !!

The SpectraLayers Bridge is only for Pro Tools, which completely takes control of the audio device on some configurations.
Make sure your ASIO device in WaveLab does not use some kind of exclusive mode, so that 2 applications can use it at the same time.
Are you able to play sound in SpectraLayers stand alone ? Did you set it to ASIO or WASAPI ? What audio device do you have ?

I use Spectralayer Elements 7 as a secondary editor in Reaper. Reaper uses ASIO, and Spectralayers Elements 7 uses WASAPI. I have no problem getting playback in either Reaper or SLE.

Here too, I’ve WaveLab 10 using ASIO and SpectraLayer Pro 7 using WASAPI, works flawlessly. Playback from SL doesn’t go back “through” WL but doesn’t need to, as I only need to monitor what I do in SL, and when I’m finished the edit is picked up in WL.

thank you so much for responses ! your words help me a lot.
i’ve tried to play SL signal through WL… but yes, SL works as standalone, and no problem to use WASAPI.
I didn’t realize Bridge is only for PT.