SL in Cubase - blank screen

I was using SL in cubase 10 via ARA last night and all was working fine. Opened the project this morning and just got a blank white screen when I tried to use SL

After a bit of googling I found I could switch to openGL mode by opening the standalone- and this seemed to work ok in cubase.

BUT directx works fine in standalone mode and I know by graphics card is running directx drivers.

Nothing was updated overnight so what on earth happened ?

latest version of all apps
nvidia gtx1050
windows 10

I’m having the same issue from time to time. It seemed to occur in Cubase projects that I’ve been working on for a while. Not necessarily projects in which I used SL on a lot of audio events. I had a project with lots of virtual instruments and vocals recorded on a single track, and I uses SL on a few audio events from vocals, and at some point when I opened this project again, SL window was blank white.

did switching to opengl fix it ?


Weird, not sure what’s happening here. The upcoming patch provides more DirectX/OpenGL testing and diagnosis, and will automatically switch to OpenGL if DirectX could not be initialized for some reason. Meanwhile I would recommend installing the latest graphic drivers from NVIDIA’s website.

hi Robin

I’m running very recent drivers - but i’d advise anybody not to constantly upgrade graphics drivers…especially nvidia ones !! Some of their releases are very very sloppy.

odd that it works ok with directx standalone and was working in ARA2 before it stopped. Literally nothing had changed in the project or on the PC between the evening it worked and then morning when it didn’t…apart from a shutdown - startup.

I suddenly have this same issue in Cubase 10 as of last night. The stand-alone version works fine.

I 've updated SL, Cubase, eLicenser and done maintenance within that to no avail.

open stand alone version - change from opengl to directx and backwards until you find something that works in cubase. Last time it happened I had to change a couple of times.

Cheers, that worked.

FWIW I’m still getting this - it’s getting really annoying

the openGL implementation seems buggy.
working with spectralayers pro 6 full screen, standalone.
the menu’s will not drop down, i.e. open. only when i use F11, which has the same result, as with the special windows icon, i mean they look the same, but when i make the window smaller with window icon (resizing icon), then the menu’s work.

so, when openGL is choosen, i open spectralayers.
the menu’s work. i load a project. i cannot access the menu’s.
only F11 will change this.

this happens on my desktop, not sure on my laptop.

442.19, studio driver, DCH (it seems it has not a none DCH version anymore…). geforce gtx 1060 6gb.
windows pro 10 (1909, 2020-4 cumulative update, so up to date).

(i checked there is new studio driver. but not everytime an update fixes things. but i shall give it a try.)

openGL tends to be unstable, because if you use “legacy” handlers, and you have a newer version, it will lead to problems. (that’s what i found, seems reliable source).

i see a lot of developers struggle with openGL, while the DSP programming is flawless (after bug reports…). some developers have choosen not to use it anymore. and there are developers, who use openGL, and no graphic glitches, no audio artifacts.

i only say this, because it seems something, that must be handled quite well. from the programmer’s viewpoint.

it works with directx, flawlessly it seems, didn’t work with it enough within cubase to report strange things…

spectralayers i like, more: it is great. it is strange that only tutorials for the elements version appear, and that the responses on this forum are very slow, or none existent.

even the right version is not in announcements… i put it here, and that was just before i bought it, or had just bought it.

the ecosystem cubase pro 10.5, wavelab pro 10, spectralayers pro 6 is for me, a great ecosystem, that i stil must discover (cubase i know, but wavelab and spectralayers i own not that long), even if i am working with the programs already, much to learn.

a pity that the spotlight on spectralayers, is not in the right spectrum? bad joke.