SL10 Nerfs SL9 in Cubase and then doesn't run

Guess there is no SL10 One? Took me a couple hours to get SL9 One back up in running from Cubase. Not Cool.

All it takes is a SL9 reinstall. Or in the worst case, SL10 uninstall+SL9 reinstall. Usually take no longer than 5min.

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Had to find where the SL10 VST3 was located on Mac and throw it in the trash, restart cubase, quit cubase, reinstall SL9, restart cubase. Simply reinstalling SL9 did not overwrite the VST3 and update cubase path to SL. Figuring out the required steps took some trial and error.

Right, there’s no uninstall actions on mac. I’ll see if the installer could be improved to make sure the corresponding VST is properly deployed.