SL11 unmix not using GPU acceleration

Hi everyone,

Whatever the AI processing device I set in the System parameters (CPU or RTX 4060Ti), unmixing process takes the same amount of time. (about 2 min).
The same unmix process in SL10 takes about 10 seconds (using GPU).

I’m only unmixing voice, using the “Fast” setting,

Anything I should try before uninstall/reinstall ?

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All normal - there’s a limit regarding GPU acceleration on Unmix Song (due to new models/new libraries) that will likely be improved with the next patch, if all goes well. If you’re using the High or Extreme mode, you can already expect some GPU acceleration - and hopefully more with the next patch if all goes well.

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I think it’s more than just a limit perhaps? I just logged with GPU Profiler SL V11 (vocal, bass, drum and other took 1:52 on a 3080 using Fast settings). As you can see the GPU use is almost none compared to V10 which did the same Fast settings in 0:10

V11 - 1:52s

V10 - 0:10s

It seems V11 starts using GPU for a few seconds, then stops and all processing done on CPU. V10 is barely using the CPU and using 60% of the GPU.

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I was about to post about this

SL 11, for me is utilizing 100% CPU nearly 0% GPU ( using nvidia 3080 )
I really hope if we can get benifit from GPU acceleration as it is faster and less CPU intensive

Good to see I am not the only one who’s noticed this.
I was terrified when I tried to unmix a song using my GPU and it took an eternity.
I hope this will get fixed soon.

Hopefully a bug, it looks like it starts using CUDA then switched to CPU to me.

Heh… and it crashed as soon as I posted this…

Got stuck at 99% for quite a bit and crashed.

Yep mine reaches 98% then everything hangs for maybe 20-30 seconds and then does the last 2% and puts the stems into the window. Lot of crashes too with GPU enabled or disabled.

Would it not be an idea to still include the GPU-enabled models in V11 and let the user decide? To be going from 10 seconds to 1:52 minutes to separate a 3min song is quite a different workflow needed, perhaps not actually usable yet.

Is there any time-frame for when the GPU acceleration patches will be arriving? I am very eager to upgrade to 11 (from 10), taking advantage of the 15% discount. But my old i7 6700K pc will not take well to the unmix cpu load - which is why I put a RTX 3060 in my machine.

Optionally, is there a way to make Cubase 13 Pro see Spectralayers 10 instead of 11, as an extension? (I.e., when both 10 and 11 are installed.)



I hope to have a patch next week, but doesn’t mean it’ll be published next week, it can take longer unfortunately…
If you prefer to have SL10 as an ARA plugin instead of SL11, just install SL10 again after installing SL11.


Thanks for the very quick reply, Robin. So hopefully we are talking weeks, not months, for the gpu acceleration? If I remember correctly, gpu acc was implemented in the first few patches of SLP 10 as well.



When I tested it in my environment, there was a difference.

usage environment
CPU Intel Core i9 13900K

Analyze a 4 : 08 song (UNMIX) and select the highest quality

8 : 54 using GPU
14 : 35 using CPU

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Yep, you get a bit of GPU assistance with High and Extreme modes.