SL11 window resize problem in Studio One

In Studio One SL11 cannot be used when the edit window is undocked, since it sizes to a huge size. There is no way to make the window smaller or move it to a different screen.

What version of Studio One, and what OS ?

Oops sorry. Studio One 6.6.1, MacOs 13.6.6

I can’t repro the issue at all here, see the video below (Studio One 6.6.1, macOS 14.3) :

It happens for me when de-attached and resizing vertically. It feels like some calculation is multiplied by a large number, so the height increases exponentially.

I have a screen-recording, but the forum doesn’t allow me to upload it or paste the link to it.

I indeed had the same issue at some point with the window growing very fast. But looks like it’s rather a Studio One issue than a SpectraLayers issue. SpectraLayers is just conforming to whatever size Studio One wants it to be, and doesn’t force specific sizes (it just indicates a minimal size).

I didn’t have that with SL10 (same S1 version, yesterday) and other plugins don’t have this issue.

You are right, it does happen with other plugins. So strange that I’ve never noticed this before. I will contact Presonus to report this issue. Thanks for looking into this.

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