SL2.2.0 and Reason 2.5

Hi folks
Firstly hello! I’m new to the forum, but not new to Cubase. I learned SX 3 whilst at Uni, but its been a while since I’ve used it properly.

I work in a college that still uses SL2 and SL3 (tiny budget means we can’t upgrade our 25 PC’s).
Recently I unearthed 5 copies of reason 2.5!!! However, I’ve found that Reason will crash when I’m trying to ReWire it with SL2.

The sound cards we’re using are either Focusrite Saffire 6 USB, or an MBox2 Micro.

The master ASIO devices in Device Setup will allow me to use the DirectX full duplex driver, but the ASIO focusrite and ASIO Digidesign drivers don’t play ball. That’s not a huge problem for playback, however the latency on the DirectX one is about 3016 ms!!! No good for live applications. /¬[

Any ideas?

Have been working on reinstalling Cubase SL2 with E-MU aka EMU 1616 PCi external soundcard. Got the same problems, with odd ASIO behaviour (E-MU1616 native ASSIO driver doesn’t show in Device setup > VST multitrack ). tried to disable the other Soundblastercard to no avail. It kept coming back in the system. After unscrewing the PC left plate, I physically took out the old Suondblaster live card, so that Cubase, and windows XP can have no conflicts anymore between the Live Card and the 1616 one.
Still, after reinstalling Cubase SL2 it still does not see the E-MU ASIO driver…

good luck with Reason 2.5