SL2 / MI4 to Cubase 10 (a very long hiatus!)

Yes it has been a very long time away from it all! and I’m ready to buy an up to date DAW. I’d like to stick to Cubase if possible.
It seems rather cost effective to upgrade, rather than outright (which is out of my budget). I’m not sure how to go about it. I have a few concerns that might not make it possible and likely n00b questions!
I have hunted high and low and cant seem to find the installer CD’s, though I should be the registered owner… perhaps an obsolete email / login I have, I did find a login from around the era I was using it, I can’t change my user name sadly, and there is nothing showing as registered. On hand; I have only found the MI4 interface with cable which has the serial (and still functioning interestingly) SX/SL Getting Started and MI4 Operation Manuals, it looks like I copied the interface and asio installer drivers but not Cubase program (I can only find updates only for it) wasn’t sure if I could install it on win 10, just trying to save money here and hopefully stick to the platform I prefer. I know the MI4 interface acted as the dongle back then (I have now have a modern interface all ready). This question might seem silly, If I do end up buying Cubase 10 (I’ll still would buy the dongle) could I temporarily use the old interface to get me started before the dongle arrives?
Sorry for the plethora of questions :slight_smile:

Looks like I missed out, sadly. Hopefully the opportunity arises instead of switching.

i have the SL2 install cds for mac + pc if you are still looking for them
drop me a pm

Hi supernova777,

I recently bought System 4 on eBay, but it arrived without the CDs.
I can’t pm you, as I’ve just registered.

Thanks in advance for any help.

2001A O