SL2 to Pro 8.5

Thanks to all for sharing their knowledge and opinions.
I’ve been using SL2 for years and and finally upgrading to Pro 8.5.
Could be a silly question but . . . will projects created in SL2 open in 8.5?
and will eq settings for individual tracks transfer over?
David M


Yes. Although different EQ charavcteristics were added. I think there was a preference to use the old characteistics as default in earlier versions somewhere, don´t know about C 8.5

Since Cubase 4, Cubase has a new, much higher quality channel EQ, and in Cubase 7/7.5 it was modified to make automation sound smoother.

I’m not sure if the EQ settings will be transferred, but if they are, you can be sure that they wont sound the same.

Thanks guys!
I’ll finish up projects in SL2.
Appreciate your reply’s
David Main