SL7 Crossgrade

Just went to purchase Spectralayers 7 as a crossgrade from RX, and there is no SpectraLayers in the dropdown for Nexway verify. Will this be added soon, or can you verify using another product’s file upload (ie Cubase)?

Hello ulesto,

thanks for letting us know! We are working on it already.
I’ll let you know as soon as it’s possible to upload the proof of eligibility.

All the best,

Will this also apply to Adobe Audition crossgrades? Also what proof is required, I presume a purchase receipt? Will this also cover Adobe Audition if part of the Adobe CS6 suite?

Hopefully they get this sorted soon. Tried to do the Adobe Audition cross-grade myself yesterday for Spectralayers Pro 7, but the drop down list did not contain the option when it came to uploading proof of purchase.

Great. Thanks for your response.

Hello all,

The issue should have been solved earlier today. Please give it another try and let me know if it still isn’t working.

All the best,

Just purchased. All fine now.