SL7's Reverb Reduction algorithm in SL8

Testing the new SL8 AI reverb reduction algorithm has given me worse results than the SL7 algorithm (plus no control over the reverb tail, no analysis of the audio material). RX8 has also given considerably better results. Could the old SL7 algorithm be back in SL8? It could be selectable and use the one that works best on the material.

So you like RX8 better than you like SL7 or SL8.

SL7’s algorithm will indeed likely be back with patch 2 as a choice. Meanwhile, try playing with the FFT Size : several SL tools and processes depends on choosing a proper FFT Size first. For instance, choosing a larger FFT Size can help the Reverb Reduction process AI deal with longer reverb.

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Ah! Interesting! Thanks, I will test it.