[SL8] Can't grab the verical zoom handles

Nice new version 8 !!! There’s a lot to like.

I have an issue with the vertical zooming because the handles are only visible for a fraction of a second so I can’t grab them. It wasn’t like that in SL7.

Indeed, thanks for reporting. It’ll be fixed with the next patch.

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Nice! :sunglasses:

Confirmed here too (W10 21H1) … vertical zooming impossible using the mouse.

Meanwhile I suggest using the mouse wheel when hovering the frequency axis. It’s usually faster than trying to grab those handles.

well, it’s faster because the handles are so tiny you really have to aim for them, and they hid even before the upgrade so of course they were slower.
I tried to use [shift]+mouse wheel and that worked surprisingly well.

Still I’d prefer to have the handles a little bigger and not hiding.
That way I can see at a glance if and what zoom is active.

This is starting to turn into a feature request !!! :crazy_face: