SL8: Delay of control after playback


I am having an odd issue here that is really making work difficult. Very simple to repro:

  • Load a WAV file
  • Choose the Selection Brush tool (You do not actually have to select anything)
  • Press SPACE to play
  • While playing, move mouse around (this is just to show the issue)
  • Press SPACE to stop playback

Do you see the mouse freeze for almost a second?

Or, make a selection (with the brush) and then hit SPACE to play that selection
When that selection has played, playback stops and again there is a long delay before control ability returns

Same behaviour when the Eraser tool is selected and some of the other tools.

(Windows 10 fully up to date).

Also I am noticing a lot of this entry in the log (probably unrelated):

10:53:30.897 11e4 WARNING QWidget::setWindowModified: The window title does not contain a ‘[*]’ placeholder

I have managed to get this working without the delay but it is an odd one.

I have now changed to WASAPI and the issue is gone. I thought WASAPI was not available but it appeared at the top of the menu after double checking.

Just for reference:

Works fine:


Delay after Stopping:

Controls delay

All of the playback issues I ever had with SL7 or SL8 disappeared when I enabled WASAPI. SL just doesn’t like ASIO.

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Roger that. Thanks.

@Robin_Lobel you may find this useful:

So I thought, “OK we have solved this now so I will make a quick video”…

  • So off I went and recorded a few clips of it working fine.
  • Then set it back to ASIO and continued recording (using Camtasia) ready to capture the big freeze.
  • Guess what… I didn’t freeze, it ran smooth as it should.
  • “Ahh so it must have been intermittent, something wrong with my system on the days I used it”
  • Great
  • Closes Camtasia and deletes all recordings…
  • Problem comes back again as soon as Camtasia is closed


  • Open OBS which is what I normally use to record all video for my YT Channel and so on
  • Problem goes away again!
  • As soon as OBS is closed problem comes back.

I am stumped…

Of course I can work with WASAPI and once again very grateful for that but this whole thing is a bit of a mind bender. Why would having another application open that is recording the screen, stop a delay issue happening in another application?

Here is the GIF. First 3 times is with WASAPI and last 3 is with ASIO. I am moving the mouse from side to side constantly.:


Hi @Phil_Pendlebury, interesting that you narrowed it down to a ASIO vs WASAPI issue.
I suppose it’s related to how SL handles ASIO device, closing and reopening the device as needed, I’ll do some checks. Are you able to play with the buffer size of your ASIO device to see if it chances something ?

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