SL8 How to have dynamic visual preview on fades?

From SL8 website new feature :
" Dynamic visual preview of selections while drawing
Listen to a selection as you make it. Customize selection attributes, such as fades, even during the process of making selections. Get real-time audio feedback as you refine your selections on the spectral graph".
I can change some attributes on selections in real time (ie position) but can not have real time fades attribute… What is the method to make it ?

Maybe I misunderstand this new feature, what I understand is that I can change fades attributes on selection and while changing the value the audio feedback changes accordingly. BUT it does not work on my side. Maybe someone can explain clearly this point.

I have tried to find some explanations in the very light manual without success. On the website the image that comes with “dynamic selections” is showing the pattern finder function !!

I have also watched all the SL8 webinars and videos on Steinberg’s youtube and no mention to this “new feature”.

I think this feature is not 100% implemented… Of course you can set fades and you can create a selection with fades, you can see and listen to those fades BUT you can not change fade time with visual feedbacks in realtime…

I really would like it to work as advertised, please do vote for this !

Hi @Stern you can change the fading as you draw the selection using the corresponding keyboard shortcuts: Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Tools › Increase Tool Hardness|Alt + ]
Tools › Increase Tool Alternative Hardness|Alt + }
Tools › Decrease Tool Hardness|Alt + [
Tools › Decrease Tool Alternative Hardness|Alt + {

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Thank you, Robin !! it works but you have to keep your mouse click down while using the shortcut (do not see any change with alternative hardness BTW). Hope there will be dedicated video or updated manual on this feature.

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